Friday, October 26, 2007

Random Shabad

rwgu DnwsrI mhlw 5
raag dhhanaasaree mehalaa 5
Raag Dhanaasaree, Fifth Mehla:

<> siqgur pRswid ]
ik oa(n)kaar sathigur prasaadh ||
One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

hw hw pRB rwiK lyhu ]
haa haa prabh raakh laehu ||
O God, please save me!

hm qy ikCU n hoie myry sÍwmI kir ikrpw Apunw nwmu dyhu ]1] rhwau ]
ham thae kishhoo n hoe maerae svaamee kar kirapaa apunaa naam dhaehu ||1|| rehaao ||
By myself, I cannot do anything, O my Lord and Master; by Your Grace, please bless me with Your Name. ||1||Pause||

Agin kutMb swgr sMswr ]
agan kutta(n)b saagar sa(n)saar ||
Family and worldly affairs are an ocean of fire.

Brm moh AigAwn AMDwr ]1]
bharam moh agiaan a(n)dhhaar ||1||
Through doubt, emotional attachment and ignorance, we are enveloped in darkness. ||1||

aUc nIc sUK dUK ]
ooch neech sookh dhookh ||
High and low, pleasure and pain.

DRwpis nwhI iqRsnw BUK ]2]
dhhraapas naahee thrisanaa bhookh ||2||
Hunger and thirst are not satisfied. ||2||

min bwsnw ric ibKY ibAwiD ]
man baasanaa rach bikhai biaadhh ||
The mind is engrossed in passion, and the disease of corruption.

pMc dUq sMig mhw AswD ]3]
pa(n)ch dhooth sa(n)g mehaa asaadhh ||3||
The five thieves, the companions, are totally incorrigible. ||3||

jIA jhwnu pRwn Dnu qyrw ]
jeea jehaan praan dhhan thaeraa ||
The beings and souls and wealth of the world are all Yours.

nwnk jwnu sdw hir nyrw ]4]1]19]
naanak jaan sadhaa har naeraa ||4||1||19||
O Nanak, know that the Lord is always near at hand. ||4||1||19||

Monday, October 15, 2007

New Exhibition Website

(courtesy of
UKPHA has produced a new on-line resource called "Empire, Faith and Kinship : Exploring 150 years of the Anglo Sikh Relationship" . This is an online exhibition with images and text that explores a fascinating relationship that has touched and shaped the lives of millions.

Through illustrations and detailed captions, the key events and people concerned are presented in eight sections, from the rise of the Sikh kingdom of Lahore in 1801 to the settling of the Sikh Diaspora in Britain in the twentieth century. Sometimes as friends, other times as foes, the Sikhs and the British have had one of the most rich and intriguing of partnerships.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Meet Monty Panesar

(courtesy of email from
A Fantastic new Book "Sikhs In Britain"

Meet Monty Panesar

EC3, Waterstone's Leadenhall Market. Free Book Signing

Monty Panesar

Friday 19th October at 12:00pm

Widely rated as England's best spin bowler for 30 years, the Wisden cricketer of the year will be signing copies of his autobiography 'Monty's Turn: My Story So Far'.

Waterstone's 1-3 Whittington Avenue, Leadenhall Market, London, EC3V 1PJ, (020 7220 7882)
Underground: Old Street

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

St Tropez aka C.B.P.T

St Tropez is definitely a place to visit, but you need to take lots of cash with you. Need to go between June and August as that is the season or can go for the Regatta. I will be posting pictures up soon.

Belated Happy Anniversary

Just wanted to wish Gurcharan Singh and Preetkamal Kaur a 3rd happy belated anniversary.