Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Comments on Bad Customer Service

(From G-Singh's Blog)
These are some of the comments on G Singh's blog that people have left about the bad customer service he has received from KC Group in West London.

Anonymous said...

that so poor!

14 August 2007 07:22

Kamal said...

Just typical - never trust an Indian!

14 August 2007 08:32

Anonymous said...

You spent £2,500 for this pile of ****??!!!!!!!

This company needs a kick up their ***!!!!

14 August 2007 09:04

Anonymous said...

They need to go down for this. Need to be shut down.

14 August 2007 09:16

Anonymous said...

thats a whole lot of rubbish i am going to report this to watchdog or which magazine.

14 August 2007 09:36

Anonymous said...

Even my cheap Argos ones are better than this!

14 August 2007 10:02

Anonymous said...

That is terrible! I was looking fit out 2 of our bedrooms and believe it or not KC group was a company I was going to call for quotations......I'll scrub them off the list right away!

Companys like this should not be able to get away with shoddy customer service - go to Watchdog regardless of whether they fix your existing merchandise.

15 August 2007 02:00

Peter Atkins said...

Lord only knows how many customers have been fobbed off in the past - thank goodness for people like you who have the guts to take some action against dodgy outfits like this!

Well done!

15 August 2007 03:41

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bad Customer Service

(from G-Singh's Blog)

Hello all,

We have had really bad service from this company so I have decided to put up my dealings with them on the internet; I have called them to give them the address to the site. Im hoping this will get them to do something for us and warn other potential customers of what they can expect from this company.

It would be great if you can forward to your friends and leave comments to support us on the blog too.

Power to the people!

Gurcharan S Durhailay

Bad Experiences with KC Group

(From G-Singh's Blog)
Do not buy anything from the KC group, west London

Where do I begin, I think the pictures do all the talking. Just over three years ago I decided to get some fitted wardrobes im my room to create some storage for my wife to be at the time.

After going to a few companies and receiving quotes I decided to go with the quote from the KC Group who are a fitted cupboard specialist based in Hounslow West London.

The KC Group already had fitted wardrobes in two rooms of my uncles house and were recommended by a friend of the family who had a some rooms fitted prior.

The local fitter and agent for the KC Group was an eager and friendly chap, Mr R, obviously a salesman sweetening the client. At this point there were no signs that the company would refuse any sort of customer service in the future. We decided to have fitted cupboards with internal drawers, a dresser and mirror and a pair of bedside cabinets made at the cost of about £2500.

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Monday, August 13, 2007

New Blog -

I just wanted to let you all know about this new blog that G-Singh has started. It is quite funny and I think it has the potential to be a popular blog among the blogger community. Just click on the link to go to the new blog