Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Comments on Bad Customer Service

(From G-Singh's Blog)
These are some of the comments on G Singh's blog that people have left about the bad customer service he has received from KC Group in West London.

Anonymous said...

that so poor!

14 August 2007 07:22

Kamal said...

Just typical - never trust an Indian!

14 August 2007 08:32

Anonymous said...

You spent £2,500 for this pile of ****??!!!!!!!

This company needs a kick up their ***!!!!

14 August 2007 09:04

Anonymous said...

They need to go down for this. Need to be shut down.

14 August 2007 09:16

Anonymous said...

thats a whole lot of rubbish i am going to report this to watchdog or which magazine.

14 August 2007 09:36

Anonymous said...

Even my cheap Argos ones are better than this!

14 August 2007 10:02

Anonymous said...

That is terrible! I was looking fit out 2 of our bedrooms and believe it or not KC group was a company I was going to call for quotations......I'll scrub them off the list right away!

Companys like this should not be able to get away with shoddy customer service - go to Watchdog regardless of whether they fix your existing merchandise.

15 August 2007 02:00

Peter Atkins said...

Lord only knows how many customers have been fobbed off in the past - thank goodness for people like you who have the guts to take some action against dodgy outfits like this!

Well done!

15 August 2007 03:41

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