Thursday, March 01, 2007

X ^ 0 = 1 , Equation as Anology

In my previous post, I posted something ( X ^ 0 = 1 ) what most people just see it as a simple mathematical equation. The equation states that any number to the power of zero equals one.

I too had seen this as just a mere equation until I read a small paper, Paradox of Evil by Mohinder Singh Cheema ji (MA - London) published in 1970. Uncle ji, as we call him, used this equation as an anology. Lets say we take :-

'X' as any Individual e.g you, me, anyone
The Power as The vices within us ( kaam/lust, krodh/anger, lobh/greed,moh/attachment, ahankaar/ego).
1 as Ik-oan-kar

So if we use that in the same equation, we have :-

Anyone ^ 0 vices = 1 = one with the existance.

How can we become one with the Lord? By trying to reduce the evils that exist within us and hopefully one day we can become one with the divine Lord by having no evils within.

I am sorry for the crude explanation I wrote, but I would suggest all of you to read that paper. Paradox of Evil - Click here

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