Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Qawali - Allah Hoo

This is an extract from a qawali that I really like, Allah Hoo originally sung by the great qawali singer Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. The lyrics are by Mohammad Iqbal Naqibi, Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s manager and a disciple of his father, Ustad Fateh Ali Khan. Hailing from Baba Bulleh Shah’s town: Qasoor, he also goes by Iqbal Qasoori
Allah Huu! Allah Huu! Allah Huu!
Allah Huu! Allah Huu! Allah Huu!

Yeh Zameen Jab Na Thi Yeh Jahaan Jab Na Thaa
Chaand Suraj Na Thay Aasman Jab Na Tha
Raaz-E-Haq Bhi Kisi Per Ayaan Jab Na Tha
Tab Na Tha Kuch Yahaan Tha Magar Tu Hee Tu

Allah Huu! Allah Huu! Allah Huu!
Allah Huu! Allah Huu! Allah Huu!

Har Shay Tere Jamaal Ki Aainaa Daar Hai
Har Shay Pukaarti Hai Tu Parvardigaar Hai

Allah Huu! Allah Huu! Allah Huu!Allah Huu! Allah Huu! Allah Huu!
Allah Hoo, Allha Hoo, Allah Hoo--------

When this earth and the world did not exist
When there was no moon, the sun or sky
When the secret of the truth was yet unravelled
Nothing was here save YOU, none but YOU

Allah Hoo, Allha Hoo, Allah Hoo…………..

YOU praise is that you are God Eternal
For YOU the only example is YOUR peerless ness
YOUR Miracle is in every marvel of Universe
YOUR splendour is that in every Grandeur YOU are perfect

Allah Hoo, Allha Hoo, Allah Hoo…………
For the whole song, click here


vsingh said...

Not just very powerful lyrics, but sung very well too.
I have never acknowledge the power of his singing previously.

Thanks for posting =)

H said...

Thats so true. He was an awesome singer. It's a shame that I was not able to see him live.

Thank you for your comment.

Preet said...

Himmat please PLease PLEAse PlEAsE record the Nusrat Album for me!!!

Its for your own good, else I will resort to desperate measures! You know what that means...

H said...

I have locked those cd's in a Safe. :-p