Thursday, April 05, 2007

Congrats Jatinder (JatLee) & Gurpreet

Our very own, the one and only, yes you guessed it, Jatinder Singh but widely knows by his alias Jatlee, has finaly been stricken off the bum list by earning himself with a job in a new sports shop in Knightsbridge. So ladies, for whom it may concern, the buff stud will be able to pay for dinner on your dates, as opposed to you paying for
If that is not enough, Gurpreet has also landed herself a job in Knightsbridge a few blocks away from where Jatlee works. I have no picture as of yet, but will be upload a pic soon.
Congrats to the both of you and will be waiting for your treat to Chandni Chowks next month, after you get your pay checks. :-)


Preet said...

Oh ho wadaiya to the munda - next, we will work on driving, then we'll be set to take over THE WORLD!!!! YAY! :o)

Gurpreet should get a job in LUSH!

Prabhu Singh said...

Congrats to Jatinder Singh Ji! I guess he'll have to leave his other acting job. He did make a very good movie one time

jatlee said...

lol thanks dudes anyone for shoes.