Thursday, April 19, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday's

I was thinking of making individual threads for all the birthdays of friends of mine that I have missed, but thought I would wish them here collectively. I know there are probably some birthdays that I have forgotten about in the past three months, so please forgive for that as I am quite forgetful most of the time.Happy Belated Birthday to Dr. Kulraj Singh ji( with glasses) who turned 65 years young on 13th April.
Happy Belated Birthday to Bhai Fauja Singh ji who turned 96 on 1st April. Hope them all the best for the future and good luck to his hopes to break the record for the oldest marathon runner in a couple of years time.
Happy Belated Birthday to Mandeep Kaur ji( Ruby ) who turned 24 on 28th March. Good luck in your Masters. Hope you all the best for the future in persuing your career.
Happy Belated Birthday to Baljinder Kaur ji who turned 20 on 24th March. Good luck in your finals and hope you all the best for the future.
Happy Belated Birthday to Raminder Kaur ji ( Bhabi ji) who turned 30 on 23rd March. Hope you all the best in your new path with Bhai Davinder Singh ji and will be waiting on the good news
Happy Belated Birthday to Simrit Singh ji (in yellow) who turned 2 on 1st March. Hope you a long, happy and properous life. Happy Belated Birthday to Gurpreet Kaur ji(Kiwi) who turned 31 on 16th March. Wish you all the best for the future.

Happy Belated Birthday to Kirandeep Kaur Rai ji who turned 23 on 15th March. Hope you have a long and wonderful life ahead. [picture to follow soon] Happy Belated Birthday to Amandeep Singh (Goony) who turned 25 on 11th March. Hope you all the best in your career and life ahead.

Happy Belated Birthday to Satpal Singh ji who turned 30 on 7th March. Wishing you all the best in your life and hope you can give us some good news in the coming future. [picture to be uploaded soon] Last but not least a warm welcome to the latest arrival in the Mohan family, Imaan Singh ji son of Diwan Singh ji son of Saroop Singh ji, who was born on 2nd of February.


randeep said...

thats a lot of birthdays! lol wishing everyone the best aswel :)

Preet said...

Ah yes that's the way to do it!

Otherwise if you give a card you have to put 10 pond in it! ;o)